Bio-Gene Technologies was started in 2006 in order to provide solution in field of cytogenetics, Bio technology, ART,Drug Discovery, Molecular Biology etc.,

Products and application Areas include Microscopy, CCD Cameras, Image analysis software, Genetic workstation, ICSI workstation, FISH probes, Molecular Biology kits ,gel doc systems PCR etc.,

  • Optika-Microscope

    • Educational Microscope
    • Laboratory Microscope
    • Research Microscopes
    • Stereo Microscopes
    • Camera

  • Luminera - Microsocpy camera

    • Bright field application
    • Low light fluorescence
    • High speed camera

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Giles Scientific USA

BIOMIC BIOMIC V3 Microbiology System utilizes color digital imaging to automate the reading and interpretation of antibiotic susceptibility and organism identification tests for bacteria and yeast following current CLSI, EUCAST, or BSAC guidelines. BIOMIC V3 is an open system automating clinical microbiology tests including antibiotic disk diffusion, Etest (bioMerieux), API (bioMerieux), RapID (Remel), Crystal(BD), chromogenic agar, 96-well microtiter plates, MIC Test Strip (Liofilchem ), Liofilchem AST & ID Systems and colony count plates. The Quality Control Center provides automated reading and recording of QC tests, lots and custom reports.

TRINITY The TRINITY V3 color digital imaging technology automates zone reading and analysis for antibiotic potency assays, and automates colony counting. This complete industrial microbiology system is ideal for Quality Assurance and Quality Control testing in pharmaceutical, food, feed, and cosmetic microbiology laboratories.TRINITY V3 is the only system that strictly complies with 21 CFR Part 11 electronic signature requirements from reading test plates to reporting test results. TRINITY V3 software also follows USP, JP, EP, BP and AOAC quantitative agar diffusion assay methods